A weekend in Samana (Part 3) – Whales, whales, bloody great mammals are whales


Whales, whales, bloody great mammals are whales/They swim in the sea/I eat them for tea/Oh! bloody great mammals are whales.

To the tune of the welsh national anthem, it was a regular university tour-bus song. I never thought I’d get to see a real one splashing about in the sea, but now I have. [Read more…]

Humpback Whale Safari by Matt & Ben


My whale-watching tour Samana (by Matthew)

Samana, 26/2/2012. We went on a whale-watching tour in Samana Bay with Granny and Grandad. Daddy had to drive us (all eight of us) from Nagua in a big white Nissan four-by-four. We got up early and after breakfast we all walked to the boat marina to get on our boat.

We went about 4-5 miles out into the bay where the humpback whales come to breed. We saw a very happy baby whale (calf) with its mother and a large male whale.

Here are some facts about the baby humpback whale: [Read more…]