Un gran viaje / Roadtrip (Part 1)


Last week was Santa Semana (Holy Week) here in the DR. The college was closed for the week, so we decided to take a road-trip through the interior of the country. We hired a car (not the Big White Happy Truck this time) and over four days we covered a little over 400 miles.  When the roads are a mixture of potholed carriageways, switchbacks through the mountains, dirt tracks only fit for 4x4s, clogged city centre roads and the (very occasional) dual carriageway, four-hundred miles over 4 days is a long, long way.  Here’s the tale of our roadtrip. [Read more…]

A weekend in Samana (final part) – the Big White Happy Truck


Anyone who knows us from Bournemouth will remember the Big Blue Happy Bus (our 7-seater minivan/MPV). There was only one rule about the Happy Bus: You Had To Be Happy to travel in it.

In order to collect my parents from Puerta Plata airport, and for our trip around Samana Peninsula, we hired a car.  Over here in the DR they like their cars BIG – so Al wasn’t too surprised when I returned from the car hire company driving a Nissan Pathfinder (well, she did say I was in charge of car hire and it was the same price as the oh-so-sensible sensible minivan…..) [Read more…]

A trip to San Francisco


San Francisco de Macoris, that is – not the (slightly better-known) city on the west coast of the USA.

It’s about 65km south-west  from Nagua, and last weekend and feeling adventurous we took a day trip there. [Read more…]