Are You Being Served?


The first weekend we were here we spent a lovely afternoon with our friends Jan and Dylan who moved to Sydney whilst we were living in Australia the first time, nine years ago. They are Brits at heart but have lived in Australia long enough to be fully versed in Australian culture. Over some rather scrummy prawns and a delicious bottle of Australian wine, Dylan told us some stories about work which made us laugh and simultaneously shake our heads in disbelief. [Read more…]

The Promised Land?


Three weeks in, the fog of killer jet lag has finally lifted and we are starting to have fun and feel very much at home in our new land. We have arrived in mid-winter and although I have bemoaned the cold in a couple of emails home, actually it’s only cold at night…in the house. The days are always sunny and by mid-day a tee-shirt and jeans feels like you have too many clothes on. Now we all have fury slippers and hot water bottles and the land lord has kindly brought round 4 big plug-in radiators for the nesh Brits, we are starting to thaw out at night too. [Read more…]

Sydney – MAdventure II, Day 1


Friday 20th July 2012. Our first day as a family in Sydney. Having been here myself a couple of weeks now, I’m pretty much over the jetlag. For Alison and the children, however, today was always going to be a tough day. [Read more…]