The Very Hungry Caterpillars

very hungry caterpillar pic

The children had only been at school for three weeks when it was time for a two week school holiday. We spent the first week with some of their new school friends exploring the many wonderful parks and beaches of our new neighbourhood. I decided that for the second week we would try to be a bit more adventurous and take a little holiday in our new country. [Read more…]

Roadtrip (Part 3): Santiago and home


Concluding the tale of our recent Roadtrip.  From Jarabacoa we travelled north to Santiago de los Caballeros.  Santiago is the second city of the DR. Leaving Higher Salto Jimenoa and Jarabacoa behind, the journey of 40 miles took us first back down the mountain road to the Duarte Highway, then northward..

Drivers in the DR at unbelievably impatient.  Horns are honked at the slightest delay.  Gaps too small to fit a bicycle are suddenly occupied by two cars.  Traffic lights seem largely to be advisory, not obligatory. So driving in a big city – in the rush hour, was a scary prospect. [Read more…]

Roadtrip (part 2): Jarabacoa


Day Two of our Road Trip took us to Jarabacoa.  Jarabacoa is a mountain-resort town, very popular with Dominicans and overseas visitors.  The locals come here for the cooler weather in the summer, the tourist come for the adventure-sports.

The town is on the banks of the Rio Yaque de Norte, a fast flowing river that hosts a number of water-based activities.  Rafting, canyoning, kayaking are all available to the adventurous.  Jarabacoa is also the main starting point for various treks up Pico Duarte – at 3087 metres the highest peak in the Caribbean.  None of these adventures was on our itinerary, but Jarabacoa was well worth a stop on our road trip.

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