A weekend in Samana (Part 6) – Las Terrenas and Home


On the final day of our long weekend tour of the Samana Peninsula we decided to take the long route home. It was Independence Day so the town awoke slowly (though as ever, not us – awake at 6.15!).

Checking out at 10am (why does packing 2 bags always take so long with 4 kids?) we headed toward Las Terrenas – described in the guide books as probably the best tropical paradise in this land of tropical paradises. [Read more…]

Important driving rules in the Dominican Republic


Credit: Ed Butts at http://www.hispaniola.com/dominican_republic/info/transportation_road-kill.php

I can take no credit for the words in this post regarding the (lack of) driving rules. ¬†However I can hold them to be true, especially Motorbike rule #3 – it’s just not possible to walk on the pavements because that’s where motorbikes are parked (of course…..) [Read more…]