Back To The Future


Dear Jim,

Please can you fix it for us to go back to the future where we belong, even just for two weeks to fortify ourselves for the next 16 week term at school?

Yours sincerely,

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A Gua-Guantic Adventure

Rush Hour

Today we had an adventure. We took our first Gua-Gua (g’wa-g’wa) to a new beach – Playa Diamante.

But first, a quick aside.  One of the games we brought to the Dom Rep for the kids to play is called Rush Hour.  I’m sure you know it; the essence is to maneuvre one particular car off the board, by moving the other cars up/down, left/right to clear the exit path. It gets progressively harder at higher levels, as more cars are placed on the board (move the green car left and then the red car up two spaces, then you can move the black car to the left then the green car back to the right and hey presto…..) [Read more…]

A Tale of Three Beaches

Nagua Beach_4

Pick up any guidebook to the Dominican Republic and it will tell you about the fabulous beaches.  Long stretches of golden white sand, warm blue sea, and coconut palms swaying in the cooling breeze.  Well, there are some beaches like that, but also some that are very, very different.

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