Casa Cornucopia – our house of plenty


They say that pictures paint a thousand words.  Well, let’s see.  We’ve just returned from a lovely 10 day stay in a holiday villa.  I’ve got a lovely new camera so took lots of photos – so instead of lots of words and a few photos, here’s lots of photos and a few words about our stay in Casa Cornucopia. [Read more…]

Photo Gallery


I’ve spent some time this week setting up a photo gallery.  You can check it out here.  Lots of good bits (and not-so-good) from our adventure so far.

Hopefully (!) the galleries will update whenever I upload some more photos to Picasa – so do come back and check it out again.

Thanks – and as ever, comments very welcome.

Differences of the Dominican Republic


Hi, Matt and Ben here

This week we have been thinking  about some of the differences between the Dominican Republic and England.

We drew a poster about them.
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