A weekend in Samana (final part) – the Big White Happy Truck


Anyone who knows us from Bournemouth will remember the Big Blue Happy Bus (our 7-seater minivan/MPV). There was only one rule about the Happy Bus: You Had To Be Happy to travel in it.

In order to collect my parents from Puerta Plata airport, and for our trip around Samana Peninsula, we hired a car.  Over here in the DR they like their cars BIG – so Al wasn’t too surprised when I returned from the car hire company driving a Nissan Pathfinder (well, she did say I was in charge of car hire and it was the same price as the oh-so-sensible sensible minivan…..) [Read more…]

A trip to San Francisco


San Francisco de Macoris, that is – not the (slightly better-known) city on the west coast of the USA.

It’s about 65km south-west  from Nagua, and last weekend and feeling adventurous we took a day trip there. [Read more…]

Mysogynists, Motorbikes & Mayhem!

Motor mayhem

Two months in and just thought I would share a few observations about la vida loca that is now our own!

Heat – yes it’s hot. Very very hot.  But the heat seems to come as a daily surprise to the locals and they are always complaining about the heat. The temperature doesn’t vary much throughout the year; pretty much a steady 90 degrees daily but it does make the locals quite lazy, especially the school children. They certainly don’t want to do any PE (running about, I don’t think so!) so quite a few of them are overweight and if the fans are not working at school during one of our many daily power cuts then that presents the perfect excuse for downing pencils and going to sleep at their desk! Given that all the fans do is circulate the hot air their absence makes no/little difference to the temperature inside the concrete box that is the classroom. None of the kids or teachers walk to school (apart from us) even though most only live about 5 – 10 mins away. They all hop on the local taxi service – a motorbike or scooter complaining it is too hot to walk anywhere! [Read more…]