Love Thy Neighbour


I don’t deliberate set out to antagonise people, really I don’t, quite the opposite most of the time. Rich thinks I make it my full time job to make friends wherever I go and it’s true that friends are really important to me and I do make a lot of effort to create new friendships for all of us, wherever we find ourselves in the world. [Read more…]

Home, Sweet Home


A very big thank you to all who posted helpful or supportive comments on the blog after the post about our hideous experience with the estate agents of Sydney.  Some of the suggestions were very useful (Rachel suggesting websites, Nicole suggesting helpful local agents, Jeanie; “miss out the agent and go direct to the owners”). Some of the suggestions were well intentioned but slightly less useful (Catherine;  “why not try camping or sharing with 15 other people and “hot-bedding”” and Andrew reminded us that Douglas Adams wrote way back in the 80’s that all estate agents should be put a rocket and blasted into outer space!) but we know all were meant love and kindness  so a big thank you to all! [Read more…]