Music Dominican Style


Following our night out at El Prodigio (see here if you missed the post), I’ve been doing a wee study of Dominican musical culture.

To say that Dominicans love music is to understate the case by a considerable degree.  It seems they live for it.  It’s in their blood (the Latin “heat”) and it has to be loud.  Not just loud by our “stereo at full volume” standards but amplified to the sort of volume that might make Motorhead reach for earplugs.  If our next door neighbour is listening to music, we struggle to hear the thoughts in our heads! We can happily sing along to the music being pumped out of bars at the end of our road (200m away) and we are sandwiched between three churches but never feel the need to enter to find out the contents of any sermons as we can hear them all quite clearly from home with all the doors and windows closed. [Read more…]