Laguna Gri-Gri

Caleton Beach

So last weekend we stayed at a fabulous villa in Rio San Juan. It was a 3-bedroom villa and 18 people slept there – with the 6 of us in one bedroom – but that’s another story.

On the Saturday morning, Wailly had organised a boat/fishing trip for us. After an early start (7am sharp at the dockside at Laguna Gris Gris), we looked at the small lagoon and at the 30-or-so boats moored there. There were several fabulous sports fishing boats – the sort that take big fat Americans fishing for big fat Marlin. Also there was a row of dubious looking open skiffs. Not much more than large rowing boats with aged outboard motors.

Guess which we were going in….. [Read more…]

Any Offers?

Se Vende


Only joking, we wouldn’t sell them for the world.  These four kids are fantastic.  We’ve uprooted them from their friends, cousins, uncles and grand-parents. They are going to a school where they haven’t any (real) friends, can’t understand what their teachers are saying or explain to them what they need or want. [Read more…]