And a Merry Christmas to You Too!


There are rude and charmless people all over the world and I try hard not to be one of them but either Sydney has more than its fair share of this type or I have had the misfortune to become a bit of a magnet for them since moving here. [Read more…]

Definitely Not Father’s Day


On Mother’s Day I did get some beautiful cards and flowers, all handmade by the children. I didn’t quite manage breakfast in bed – it was available but only after I had got up and been to the bakery so it had lost some of its appeal by the time I got back. My lie in the hammock didn’t materialise either – it was dominated all day by Katie, her friend and all their dolls and teddies.  I did have a lovely home cooked lunch (cooked by me – but I won’t complain as I enjoyed the reprieve from child care and I don’t cook much these days so it was quite relaxing) followed by a walk into town to get an ice cream and then a meander to the beach.

The sun shone all day, the sky was a deep blue and it was indeed for me a day of relaxation, joy and jubilee…..until we started our walk home from the beach….. [Read more…]