A row of beans


One of the things that has surprised us in this country is the price of food.   Before we left we thought (perhaps naively) that food here would be cheap.  “It’s a developing country, many people are very poor – surely food must be cheap – how else could they live?”  The truth is that food here is expensive and takes a huge slice of many peoples’ income – and the poorer you are, the bigger the slice. [Read more…]

Pollo arroz y habichueala guisada y ensalada

Ana Luz

That’s chicken with stewed beans to you & me.  Today was my first adventure into authentic Dominican Republic cooking.

First we went shopping.  I’ve been to the market many times already to buy fruit – but seeing a freshly dead chicken being hacked into pieces was a new experience.  Total cost of the food was around DOP $450 (about £8) [Read more…]