The Original MAdventurers


As many of you know, my parents keep their sailboat in Greece and travel there twice yearly for extended cruises (driving each way by campervan – the original MAdventurers). About 4 weeks ago their boat got hit by lightning – with them aboard! This is their tale, taken from their latest email to us: [Read more…]

Guest Bloggers: Granny & Grandad


At the end of an incredible 3 weeks immersion in their Madventure, Al asked us if we’d seen any changes in the children over the 6 months they’d been away. It was a bit like asking Custer if he thought the Indians were shooting straighter! But now we’ve had time to recover, remember and reflect, we think there are probably some comments we can make. [Read more…]

Los abuelos han salido


We’re all pretty low today. After three lovely, lovely weeks, Granny and Grandad have left us to return to England. It was great having them here. The children love their grandparents dearly, and were very tearful at ‘goodbye’ time this morning.  For me these past weeks have been a reminder of all the great qualities that my parents posses – fast to praise, slow to criticise, with unending patience and boundless humility.

Still, the show must go on. It’s back to school tomorrow (for us all). There are shoes to polish, water bottles to fill and bags to pack. But in the meantime here are my happiest memories from the past three weeks: [Read more…]