Caribbean Cake


We had only been in the Dominican Republic 5 days when Katie celebrated her 5th birthday. We tried our best to celebrate in a style that she would recognise and had a little party on our balcony for all the people we had met in our short stay. We bought her an enormous cake from the local bakery and whilst it looked the perfect cake for a little girl – all pink sugary icing, flowers and fairies – it was fairly expensive (about £30) and was a big let down when it came to the taste test. [Read more…]

La Casa De Mi Profesor (de Ben) / A Visit to a Teacher’s House (by Matthew)


A few weeks ago, we were invited to dinner by the deputy head teacher at the school.  Hediberto Pichardo is a very fine man – kind, generous, well-educated, hard working (he has three jobs and works 7 days a week).  Here are Matt’s and (firstly) Ben’s accounts of our evening. [Read more…]

A weekend in Samana (Part 2) – La Cafe du Paris


Now Samana is one of the most inter-cultural of towns in this part of the DR. With several large hotels, served by cruise-ships and with it’s own ex-pat community, it is well used to seeing gringos. But even so we were surprised to find a french restuarant (complete with Eiffel tower statue – albeit one being ravaged by a whale) – and even more so a french restuarant serving excellent pizzas. Replete and exhausted we headed back to our hotel for an early night. Lights out for the kids at 8pm. 8.15 for the adults (though with fractious sleep until the hubub from outside died down around 1am). [Read more…]