Only Fools and Horses


Someone brought a horse to school today. Not a wooden horse or a toy horse but a real horse, a chestnut mare, about 12 hands I would guess. Someone else brought a chicken and tied it to a tree by one of its legs. Two 13-year olds brought machetes. It was a sort of show and tell day! [Read more…]

Roadtrip (part 2): Jarabacoa


Day Two of our Road Trip took us to Jarabacoa.  Jarabacoa is a mountain-resort town, very popular with Dominicans and overseas visitors.  The locals come here for the cooler weather in the summer, the tourist come for the adventure-sports.

The town is on the banks of the Rio Yaque de Norte, a fast flowing river that hosts a number of water-based activities.  Rafting, canyoning, kayaking are all available to the adventurous.  Jarabacoa is also the main starting point for various treks up Pico Duarte – at 3087 metres the highest peak in the Caribbean.  None of these adventures was on our itinerary, but Jarabacoa was well worth a stop on our road trip.

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Casa Cornucopia – our house of plenty


They say that pictures paint a thousand words.  Well, let’s see.  We’ve just returned from a lovely 10 day stay in a holiday villa.  I’ve got a lovely new camera so took lots of photos – so instead of lots of words and a few photos, here’s lots of photos and a few words about our stay in Casa Cornucopia. [Read more…]