Selva Tropical (Tropical Rainforest) – A Poem by Ben

Selva Tropical by Ben

Silencio en la selva profundo
Entre el león, rey de la selva
La luna iluminando se melena dorada
Vee carne deliciosa de ciervo [Read more…]

Interim Review


When we set out on this mad adventure, we had a jumble of objectives. To learn Spanish, to have an adventure we’d never forget, to get some sun on our blue-white skin, to change directions and find a different and simpler way of living, to spend quality time with the children whilst they are young, for Al to get some solid teaching experience.

Well, we’re over 6 months in now (and well on the way to 7 months) – so it’s high-time for an Interim Review against what we set out to achieve. [Read more…]