Roadtrip (Addendum): Somewhere in the Home Counties


Whilst we were in Constanza we took a short walk.  The path started from the layby where I had turned the car after abandoning our attempt to get to the Aguas Blancas waterfall.  Half way down I stopped and did a double-take.  Were we really in the Caribbean, or in England, somewhere in the Home Counties? [Read more…]

Chalk & cheese


Today we gave Matt & Ben a free choice for afternoon study – they could do whatever they wanted so long as it was educational.

Ben chose an on-line Spanish lesson.  Matt chose to study binary mathematics. [Read more…]

Right to Reply


This post has been inspired by a comment made by our dear friend Lin Bloor.  Lin is one of our most faithful blog readers, commenters and thought provokers. She is also a mother of 4 young children and home educator. She is also an amazing cook; she makes the most fantastic cheesecakes in the world and runs a cookery school from her own home, complete with wonderful website Definitely worth a visit. Lin, this post is inspired by and dedicated to you. [Read more…]