Strange but true….


As we are starting to make friends with the locals, we are finding out more about how the country works. Life is almost suspended here at the moment as the presidential elections loom (Election Day is 20th May). As the election approaches, more “one-issue” candidates or candidates without a big war chest start to throw their hats in the ring but essentially it is a two horse race. The two principal candidates are: [Read more…]

Caribbean Cake


We had only been in the Dominican Republic 5 days when Katie celebrated her 5th birthday. We tried our best to celebrate in a style that she would recognise and had a little party on our balcony for all the people we had met in our short stay. We bought her an enormous cake from the local bakery and whilst it looked the perfect cake for a little girl – all pink sugary icing, flowers and fairies – it was fairly expensive (about £30) and was a big let down when it came to the taste test. [Read more…]

Only Fools and Horses


Someone brought a horse to school today. Not a wooden horse or a toy horse but a real horse, a chestnut mare, about 12 hands I would guess. Someone else brought a chicken and tied it to a tree by one of its legs. Two 13-year olds brought machetes. It was a sort of show and tell day! [Read more…]