The Agua in Nagua


Matt and Ben were sitting around the dinner table tonight having a very adult conversation about water here versus water in England. They made some very incisive and thought-provoking observations which are definitely worth summarising.

We can’t drink the water that comes from the tap here – it’s not potable, but it really is no hardship at all and you quickly get used to it.  Drinking water is delivered in 5-gallon plastic bottles – the sort that is put upside-down into water coolers in every office across the UK.  Empty bottles can be exchanged for full ones in one of a hundred places in every street, or alternatively there is a tanker which tours the streets and will refill the bottles you already have.

We don’t expect anything else that we drink to come out of a tap so what is so special about water?   [Read more…]

Pollo arroz y habichueala guisada y ensalada

Ana Luz

That’s chicken with stewed beans to you & me.  Today was my first adventure into authentic Dominican Republic cooking.

First we went shopping.  I’ve been to the market many times already to buy fruit – but seeing a freshly dead chicken being hacked into pieces was a new experience.  Total cost of the food was around DOP $450 (about £8) [Read more…]