Guest Bloggers: Granny & Grandad


At the end of an incredible 3 weeks immersion in their Madventure, Al asked us if we’d seen any changes in the children over the 6 months they’d been away. It was a bit like asking Custer if he thought the Indians were shooting straighter! But now we’ve had time to recover, remember and reflect, we think there are probably some comments we can make. [Read more…]

Humpback Whale Safari by Matt & Ben


My whale-watching tour Samana (by Matthew)

Samana, 26/2/2012. We went on a whale-watching tour in Samana Bay with Granny and Grandad. Daddy had to drive us (all eight of us) from Nagua in a big white Nissan four-by-four. We got up early and after breakfast we all walked to the boat marina to get on our boat.

We went about 4-5 miles out into the bay where the humpback whales come to breed. We saw a very happy baby whale (calf) with its mother and a large male whale.

Here are some facts about the baby humpback whale: [Read more…]

Snow Leopards spotted in Nagua


Only joking! Matt & Ben here.  For Christmas Aunty Thea (Mummy says she’s one of our Oddparents) made a donation for us to the WWF to help them look after Snow Leopards.

This made us want to find out about these fantastic animals.  So we have been learning lots of facts about Snow Leopards, for example: [Read more…]