Birthday Week


The third week of April is a week of birthdays. Last Saturday Zach was four, and then on Thursday Matt & Ben turned eight. For lots of reasons their birthdays were very different this year.  In particular we are (of course) in a different country, far away from family and friends. Presents were much fewer and simpler than previously. Instead of a big party, we huddled round the computer and sang Happy Birthday over Skype with Nana and Grandpa.

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Selva Tropical (Tropical Rainforest) – A Poem by Ben

Selva Tropical by Ben

Silencio en la selva profundo
Entre el león, rey de la selva
La luna iluminando se melena dorada
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Chalk & cheese


Today we gave Matt & Ben a free choice for afternoon study – they could do whatever they wanted so long as it was educational.

Ben chose an on-line Spanish lesson.  Matt chose to study binary mathematics. [Read more…]