My Holiday (by Matt)

A Toucan by Matthew (click for larger image)

Cabarete Beach by Matthew (Click for larger image)

On Monday 26th December my family went to a villa in Cabarete. Our house was number one 110. It took us 1.5 hours to get there and cost about 1,000 pounds to rent out for two weeks. ¬†When we got there we found out that it had a TV and a swimming pool. At about 11:59 they managed to drag us away from [Read more…]

Our Holiday by Ben

Cabarete Beach by Ben (Click for larger image)

On Boxing Day we went to a peaceful town called Caberete. Our villa was called one 110 Calle Bahia (Bay Road). Cabarete was clean and peaceful and people spoke American, French, Spanish, Dutch and German. The beach was clean, relaxing and calm. [Read more…]

Back To The Future


Dear Jim,

Please can you fix it for us to go back to the future where we belong, even just for two weeks to fortify ourselves for the next 16 week term at school?

Yours sincerely,

The Madventurers [Read more…]