How my son’s encounter with a “weird man” made me override my maternal fears

My latest piece for the Sydney Morning Herald. Click here to go to our new website where the article appears in full.

The Ethics of Teaching Scripture in Primary School (ABC Open March 2015)

I have a new blog which is being phased in so loyal followers of The Madventurers please forgive me whilst I transition and follow the link to read this article.

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Mamalode (February 2015): The Bright Side of Incontinence Pants

If you scroll down to the third article in this week’s “Monday’s Funnies” you might find some characters you recognise. My first foray into American magazines, apparently I am now to promote myself shamelessly in order to generate traffic and thereby generate revenue for a)the magazine and ultimately b)me! I think I’m heading to net about 20c from this one so won’t be giving up my day job anytime soon but, if you’ve not seen it before, it might just tickle a funny bone.

For those of you confounded by why Matthew’s comment had me wetting myself with laughter, I think he had misheard the word “vulva”.