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I am just a tad excited today. In case you missed my email or my Facebook update and are not on a subscriber to the Sydney Morning Herald, click on the link below, you might recognise the writer and some of the protagonists.

I thought it was a fairly innocuous article but, according to the comments section, it has certainly polarised opinion. As always I welcome all feedback, positive and negative but I think the allegation of “child abuse” by one reader in Melbourne is a bit of a stretch! See what you think.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been following this blog for the last three years, since the Madventure began, and I look forward to continuing to entertain you with our misfortunes.

With love and sunshine

Lois Lane





  1. caroline britton says:

    Inspirational idea and well done on getting it printed!!!!! Go girl :)

  2. Well … SURPRISE!!!

    It’s been an absolute age since I last came on your blog and I am very embarrassed about that. Life has been a bit of a struggle, you may have seen some things on FB at the beginning of the year, but there is so much to tell you.

    I have read your article, Alison, genius too I have to say … in fact, it makes me think about our twins’ birthday that is coming up on Tuesday. Their birthday parties won’t happen until 7 June but I think I might just adopt your same smart stance. They have far too much ‘stuff’, it’s terrible really and such a waste!

    Anyway, I wanted to post a quick comment, wished to say “hello” and to tell you all that you are very much not forgotten. I would like to write to you properly to give you an update. Perhaps you can confirm which would be the best email address to write to you, Alison? Big hugs to you and Richard and of course the kids. Hope life in Aus is good and that you are happy!!! Lots of love, Nicola xx

  3. Diana Cobden says:

    This was a brilliant article / letter. I am wholeheartedly behind your initiative and it clearly shows how good your children are at problem solving. It seems as though birthday parties for children have got quite out of hand and I wonder what parents are trying to achieve. Are they trying to buy popularity for their children? I watched a programme on TV a while back where a mother had spent in the region of £5000 (Yes, I really mean thousand) on her daughter’s twelfth birthday party and intended spending the same amount on her 8 year old son’s party as well. If she has that much money to spare, why not give it to feed children who have nothing? Your children will go far – especially in terms if taking the initiative and making things happen.

    • Al says:

      Hi Diana
      Thanks for your lovely comments and support. So glad you are still following the Madventurers on their journey!

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