The Australians have an irritating habit of shortening words and replacing the last syllable or two with an ‘o’.  Think Arvo (afternoon); saw after seven hot hours in the car that maybe the real name of the town was Dubbington or Dubbermouth.  But no, Dubbo is apparently not only the full and unabridged name of this outback town, it also is descriptive, being a corruption of the Aborignal word for ‘red earth’, of which there is plenty in this hot & dusty location for our first family mini-break. [Read more…]

And a Merry Christmas to You Too!


There are rude and charmless people all over the world and I try hard not to be one of them but either Sydney has more than its fair share of this type or I have had the misfortune to become a bit of a magnet for them since moving here. [Read more…]