The Very Hungry Caterpillars

very hungry caterpillar pic

The children had only been at school for three weeks when it was time for a two week school holiday. We spent the first week with some of their new school friends exploring the many wonderful parks and beaches of our new neighbourhood. I decided that for the second week we would try to be a bit more adventurous and take a little holiday in our new country. [Read more…]

The Original MAdventurers


As many of you know, my parents keep their sailboat in Greece and travel there twice yearly for extended cruises (driving each way by campervan – the original MAdventurers). About 4 weeks ago their boat got hit by lightning – with them aboard! This is their tale, taken from their latest email to us: [Read more…]

One month down


This week I celebrated (if that’s the right word) my first complete month back in Corporate Life.  It’s been a tough month – from arriving for a preparatory meeting on the Friday before starting on the Monday to be told that my ‘to be’ boss had been ‘redeployed’ in the company and that Yours Truly was going to be running the team, to marathon 10-hour (yes, ten-hour) meetings, to seeing less of my kids than before when I was away from home most of the week. [Read more…]