Sydney – MAdventure II, Day 1


Friday 20th July 2012. Our first day as a family in Sydney. Having been here myself a couple of weeks now, I’m pretty much over the jetlag. For Alison and the children, however, today was always going to be a tough day. [Read more…]

Together again


Just a quick post to confirm that after a very long and tiring trip, Alison and the children arrived safely yesterday evening in Sydney.  I’ve never seen Alison looking so exhausted – I suspect there will be a post in the next few days describing just how hard it is to take 4 young children to Australia as a single Mum.

Anyhow, for the next few weeks at least we’re back together, and the MAdventure can resume its complex and twisting path.

Be Careful What You Wish For (Part 2)


There have, I admit, been times in the past year when I have wanted some time away from the demands and pressures of 24/7 family life.  But stepping alone from a jet-plane, blinking into the Sydney morning sun after a 24-hour flight, 10,000 miles from my family, to start a potential 6-week absence, was not what I had in mind. [Read more…]