Our first weekend in Sydney has been safely and enjoyably navigated.  Alison and the kids are still pretty jetlagged – judging by Alison’s inability to sleep at night and then equaally not being able to rouse herself in the mornings.  We had late starts both Saturday and Sunday – not leaving the house before midday – but once out and about we managed to explore a fair bit of our new surroundings. [Read more…]

From here to eternity


Well, not quite eternity, just as far as Australia but it certainly felt like an eternity with 4 small children, 6 backpacks, 5 suitcases, 4 car seats, a laptop and a handbag and no other grown up in my group. All I needed really was a partridge in a pear tree and I would have had my very own Christmas carol. [Read more…]

Retired Hurt


Being 10,000 miles away from your family on a consultancy assignment has its good moments as well as bad, and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  So when my fellow away-from-home-and-family consultants Andy and Tony told me they were planning a wine-tasting weekend in the vineyards of Orange, it was a case of when in Rome….

[Read more…]