Happy Mothers Day

It’s Mothers Day here on Sunday.  However as Alison chose to observe UK Mothers Day back in March, I’m abstaining.  There will be no breaksfast in bed from me this Sunday.  She’s already like the Queen (for example, she never carries any money), but just doesn’t need to celebrate the same event twice.

However, and by way of an olive-branch (probably to be snapped painfully over my head) I do offer this quite extraordinary video from TED.com, which I recommend to all parents (and come to that, non-parents) to watch and weep.  The presenter (Sarah Kay) is a spoken word poet, and I challenge any parents to have dry eyes after the first few minutes, and not be thinking “that’s the parent I want to be”

Cash Cows and Lunch-tickets


Clearly we stand out a mile in this town. We’re white-skinnned. Our children have blonde hair. We walk places. We no speaka da lingo. And last night one of our growing realisations hit us between the eyes – we clearly have the words ‘Cash Cow’ stamped indelibly on our foreheads.And maybe ‘Lunch-ticket’ carved behind our ears. Yes folks, tonight we were AMWAY’d – and it’s left a fairly sour taste in our mouths.
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Don’t leave home without it!


Dear lovely readers and commentists, firstly I just want to say a big big thank you for all the supportive comments and emails we have received about our recent very sombre post: “Help, My teacher is an alien”. There is a risk that I have completely lost my mind so your support and comments mean more to us than you could possibly know. A big “muchas gracias” to all.

As it was such a serious post, I decided it was time to balance it with something much more frivolous so here just a quick story that the children have mostly written themselves. [Read more…]