Big Bird


The women and girls here are very proud of their hair and spend hours and pesos on styling it. There is a hair salon on every corner and the shops are lined with all kinds of hair relaxer and conditioning treatments. Most females have extremely long hair. It is black and usually naturally curly and they many spend hours and many pesos trying to straighten it. To see a girl here with short hair is remarkable – you sit up and take notice because it is so unusual. They are extremely vain about their hair although, ironically, because it takes them so long to style it, it is very common to see women with a head full of rollers going about their daily business – shopping, riding a motorcycle, and our personal favourite, jogging! [Read more…]

One man band


My blogging has been somewhat sporadic of late. Forgive me, I have been busy. And possibly (though I doubt it), sowing the seeds of a new income stream for la familia Britton.

For the past three weeks I have been busy creating a website for the local English school. Not the madhouse at which Alison teaches, but the Professional English School – a specialist language school here in Nagua. And last Friday the website went live – please check it out and let me know what you think at [Read more…]

Butter wouldn’t melt….


Zach walked home from school today….by himself!  At lunchtime I was talking to another teacher and the children had all dispersed around the school to scoot (Zach), play basketball (Ben), talk to their friends (Katie) and go to the library (Matt) which is pretty much what happens everyday. When it was time to leave I began the usual route around the school to track everyone down and round them up to walk home. I easily found three of the four but it is a big playground with lots of places to hide so it is not unusual to have one missing for a while. We split up to try and find Zach, expecting his cheeky face to pop out from behind a palm tree or dustbin at any moment. But after five minutes the face did not appear so we started to search the classrooms, offices and toilets. Still no sign. After ten minutes of us all searching it became obvious that he couldn’t still be in school. The gate was open and the security guard is on sick leave so he could easily have slipped out. But surely he wouldn’t, would he? [Read more…]