Selva Tropical (Tropical Rainforest) – A Poem by Ben

Silencio en la selva profundo
Entre el león, rey de la selva
La luna iluminando se melena dorada
Vee carne deliciosa de ciervo
Astas de huesos
Tres moderes cada dia – uno para desayuno, una para almuerzo, una para cenar
Rey de la selva dijo
Opuesto del ciervo fue un tigre fieroso
Puedes ir” dijo el león – el ciervo es mio
Ciervo mio” dijo el tigre
A su repente el ciervo desperta y corrió por su viva
“¡León mira que te hiciste!” rugió el tigre

Selva Tropical by Ben


Silence in the deep jungle
Enters the lion, king of the jungle
The moon illuminates his golden mane
He sees delicious meat of deer
Antlers of bones
Three bites each day – one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner
Said the king of the jungle
Opposite the deer was a fierce tiger
“You can go” said the lion – the deer is mine
“The deer is mine” said the tiger
Suddenly the deer awoke and ran for his life
“Lion look what you have done!” roared the tiger


MP3 Recordings

Click here to listen to Ben reading this poem in Spanish

Or here to listen to the English version


Note from Dad

It’s great to see how Ben’s language skills are developing – English and Spanish, written and spoken. He started this project at school and then continued it at home. The idea of starting each line with the poem to spell out the title (SELVA TROPICAL) was all his.  The english version of the reading is Ben’s ‘real time’ translation – he was reading the poem in Spanish and translating it into English as he spoke. He says it’s quite easy (I wish it was for me!)


  1. susie morris says:

    I am in awe of Ben’s poem both in English and Spanish! Your children are fabulous and delightful, and you must be so very proud. Your adventure is the best gift you can ever give your family. Can’t wait to catch up again tomorrow!!

  2. Ted Walkden says:

    Congratulations Ben! I think you are wonderful writing such a great poem in Spanish and translating it back into English, and your accent sounds fabulous. Lots of Love Aunty Liz xxx

  3. Lorna Skipworth says:

    WOW Ben that’s amazing!! What a fantastic accent. You sound as if you’ve always spoken Spanish. XX

  4. Nana says:

    My goodness my big Ben how proud are Nana and Mumpa of you and your lovely poem. We like both versions but your spanish accent is amazing; very well done indeed! You have made us feel extra proud and we award you two big gold stars. Keep up your standard of work and you will go far Lots of love always. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. caroline britton says:

    A-maz-ing!!! You sound fantastic, really very impressed. Its great to get the translation into English so thanks for that. Keep up the good work.
    Caroline & Andrew x

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