Chalk & cheese

Today we gave Matt & Ben a free choice for afternoon study – they could do whatever they wanted so long as it was educational.

Ben chose an on-line Spanish lesson.  Matt chose to study binary mathematics.

Ben’s chosen activity was interactive, vocal and participative.  His attention lasted just as long as there was some on-screen activity.  As soon as the lesson was finished he immediately asked “what can I do now, Mum, I’m bored”.

For Matt I wrote down some examples of binary numbers and binary addition, and also some questions for him to work through.  He happily sat, quietly concentrating, pencil in hand, and thirty minutes later handed me back the perfectly correct answers, including detailed notes on his calculations.

We love them both.  We love that they have their own distinct personalities.  Ben the gregarious extrovert, seeking praise and quick to become bored.  Matt the studier, the quiet introvert, happiest in his world of books.  But sometimes I just can’t believe that they really are twins.


  1. Nana says:

    Ijust love that Matt and Ben are individuals witt minds of their own. It will be lovely for me to watch their progress as they get older. Love you boys!xxxxxxxxx

  2. G & G says:

    Well done boys, you continue to amaze us. lots of love xxxx

  3. caroline britton says:

    They are so very different. I can only liken this to my goldies who are brother and sister but very different. Millie is stubborn, fiesty and full of spirit, where as Lewis is scared of anything that moves (unless its edible) and much more loving. Sorry to liken children to animals but its my only experience :)

    • Al says:

      I think it is perfectly reasonable to draw a parallel between feisty puppies and small children – both need copious amounts of exercise and fresh air daily or they start to destroy the furniture!

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