Birthday Week


The third week of April is a week of birthdays. Last Saturday Zach was four, and then on Thursday Matt & Ben turned eight. For lots of reasons their birthdays were very different this year.  In particular we are (of course) in a different country, far away from family and friends. Presents were much fewer and simpler than previously. Instead of a big party, we huddled round the computer and sang Happy Birthday over Skype with Nana and Grandpa.

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Selva Tropical (Tropical Rainforest) – A Poem by Ben

Selva Tropical by Ben

Silencio en la selva profundo
Entre el león, rey de la selva
La luna iluminando se melena dorada
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The Other Shoe…


Our fantastic trip to Santo Domingo had two purposes: 1) as a day out to celebrate the boys’ birthdays and 2) to let each of them chose a present from a bigger selection of shops than we have here in Nagua. We had a fifty per cent success rate. The day trip was amazing and everyone had a great time. Sadly, the shops in the area where we concentrated our search (La Zona Colonial) only ranged the same limited items as the shops in Nagua. Apart from new footballs for Ben and Zach from a sports shop we already knew of, our arms were not aching from the weight of our parcels as we climbed aboard the big yellow bus to begin our journey home. [Read more…]