Llegó Papa….Hipólito is in town


Wednesday 16th May is election day in the DR.  The country will choose a new President from either Danilo Medina of the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (PLD) or Hipólito Mejía of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicana (PRD).  As the date draws nearer, the intensity of the race hots up.  More posters appear, more (and louder) rallies are held, there are more cars and motorbikes trailing banners – the white and blue of the PRD or purple and yellow of the PLD.  And last Sunday, Hipólito was in town. [Read more…]

Definitely Not Father’s Day


On Mother’s Day I did get some beautiful cards and flowers, all handmade by the children. I didn’t quite manage breakfast in bed – it was available but only after I had got up and been to the bakery so it had lost some of its appeal by the time I got back. My lie in the hammock didn’t materialise either – it was dominated all day by Katie, her friend and all their dolls and teddies.  I did have a lovely home cooked lunch (cooked by me – but I won’t complain as I enjoyed the reprieve from child care and I don’t cook much these days so it was quite relaxing) followed by a walk into town to get an ice cream and then a meander to the beach.

The sun shone all day, the sky was a deep blue and it was indeed for me a day of relaxation, joy and jubilee…..until we started our walk home from the beach….. [Read more…]

El Dia de las Madres


I don’t normally post twice in one day – but as today was Mother’s Day and I’ve already uploaded one article, I’ll make an exception.

Actually, it isn’t Mothers Day.  Not in the UK – where it’s now past midnight, nor here, where El Dia de las Madres is celebrated on the last Sunday in May (this year the 27th).  But notwithstanding this, Alison decreed a Day of Jubilee.   Lie-in, breakfast in bed, no chores (so just a normal day for her, then…..).  Of course, it didn’t work out quite like that (for instance, she had to go to the Panaderia to buy the bread for her breakfast), but there was one part of her day that was, I think, really special. [Read more…]