Casa Cornucopia – our house of plenty

They say that pictures paint a thousand words.  Well, let’s see.  We’ve just returned from a lovely 10 day stay in a holiday villa.  I’ve got a lovely new camera so took lots of photos – so instead of lots of words and a few photos, here’s lots of photos and a few words about our stay in Casa Cornucopia.

The location? Casa Cornucopia is in a villa complex called Perla Marina.  It’s half-way between Sosua and our favourite town of Cabarete.

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Casa cornucopia - Inside

The Villa - Casa Cornucopia is a typical one-story three-bedroom villa. The inside of the house is showing it\'s age and the number of visitors - but for the kids heaven is a 40\" TV.

Casa Cornucopia - Outside

Outside is the real feature of the house. Big pool - plus jacuzzi. Fabulous garden with wonderful array of indigenous plants, lizards, butterflies and other fauna.

The Faraway Tree

We found it (Read up on your Enid Blyton if this doesn’t make sense – it’s a simply fabulous book). Does anyone know what type of tree this is?

Sun, sea, sand and ... Grandparents

White sand not snow beneath our toeses, ice in our drinks and not dripping from noses

Taking it Easy

Sometimes all this lying around is just really tiring

I wish this was me

Kitesurfing looks so easy when the locals do it. It\'s not - I know - but oh, how I wish that was me.

Cabarete by Night

At night the beach bars in Cabarete hang beautiful red, green and blue lanterns all along the beach

Goodbye Time

All good things must end. It\'s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


  1. Ted Walkden says:

    Hi Richard,
    Good photos, that is apart from the tree being more important than your children’s body’s :-)….
    You look as though you all had a fabulous trip away, very tempting for P & D !!!! or maybe not !!!!
    You are all looking very well, be difficult to return to normal mundane life, that is if you ever do :-)

  2. Nana says:

    Lovely photos Richard and so wonderful to see you on skype this week all looking tanned andgeorgeous You might not have mastered the art of kite surfing yet but dont dwell on it and think about the qualities that you do have instead! many me thinks.xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. susie morris says:

    Fabulous photos!!! Wonderful adventure!! Susie

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