A weekend in Samana (Part 3) – Whales, whales, bloody great mammals are whales

Whales, whales, bloody great mammals are whales/They swim in the sea/I eat them for tea/Oh! bloody great mammals are whales.

To the tune of the welsh national anthem, it was a regular university tour-bus song. I never thought I’d get to see a real one splashing about in the sea, but now I have.

Matt & Ben have written great articles on our Humpback Whale Safari, so I’ll leave it to them to describe these magnificent animals. Save it to say that seeing a group of three whales guardian male, mother, 2-3 week old calf), not 50-feet from the boat is an experience I will not forget for a long-long time. Our guide, Kim Beddall, is the founder of the whale watching industry in Samana Bay, and for 20+ years has been striving to prove there is commercial value in whales outside of killing them.

Check out Kim’s website here: http://www.whalesamana.com/

The most amazing fact of the day for me – over 90% of the humpback whales who make their homes in the North Atlantic, are born in Samana Bay.

One of our main ambitions on the mad adventure is to give our children (and ourselves) a whole range of mind-broadening experiences. This was right up there with the best of anything we’ve done so far.

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