Guest Bloggers: Granny & Grandad


At the end of an incredible 3 weeks immersion in their Madventure, Al asked us if we’d seen any changes in the children over the 6 months they’d been away. It was a bit like asking Custer if he thought the Indians were shooting straighter! But now we’ve had time to recover, remember and reflect, we think there are probably some comments we can make. [Read more…]



Alison is a lover of chocolate.  A proper, full-on, don’t-you-dare-touch-my-Dairy-Milk chocaholic.  At a job interview with Shell, she was asked what was man’s greatest invention.  “Chocolate” was her immediate reply (she didn’t get the job).  Rumour has it that the Police only found the left earlobe of an erstwhile boyfriend who dared eat the last Rolo (OK, maybe I made that bit up, but the job interview story is 100% true). [Read more…]

The Park of Disappointment


We’ve written before about how few things there are for the children to do around here – no open spaces, very few places to play and little or nothing in the way of organised out-of-school activities / clubs.  We only know of two children’s play areas.  One is in Cabrera – an hour away by gua-gua – but very lovely.  Well maintained, clean, lots of swings, climbing frames and slides.

The other play area – the one we can walk to, we have christened ‘The Park of Disappointment’. [Read more…]