Nagua Ciudad de Dios


Nagua proudly proclaims itself a the ‘City of God’.  This slogan is painted on many walls across town. And, with apologies to those of you with stronger religious beliefs than we apostates, today was the day that God Came To Town. [Read more…]

La Calidad Dominicana


One of the things that really bugs, me about this country is the quality of stuff.  I know I’m a bit of a perfectionist (perhaps even a pedant, some may say), but I do like things to work as they are meant to and not break before they are out of the shop.

There’s a definite ‘rush to the bottom’ mentality here – the cheaper things are, the better.  Last week for example I bought a toy car for Zach (a reward for filling his ‘Char Start’).  Ok, so it only cost DOP40 (about 65p), but just after paying for it – and before leaving the shop, one of the wheels fell off.  Complaints to the ‘Service Desk’ fell on deaf ears (it’s easy to shrug shoulders at a Gringo), and my subsequent efforts to repair it with (equally crappy) superglue were always destined to failure. [Read more…]



There are many things that I will miss about this country when we finally leave.  Being woken at 5.00 this morning by the Dominican version of Demis Roussos at full chat definitely is not one of them

OK, so it’s Valentines Day.  People are professing their love to their betrothed (or those with whom they wish so to be).  OK, so maybe I’m a grumpy old git who doesn’t do romance any more.  But only in this country (and possibly only in this town in this country) is it necessary to profess your love at the same volume as a Jumbo jet taking off. [Read more…]