A weekend in Samana (part 1)


Last weekend we took a fabulous trip around the Samana Peninsula. My parents are here with us for three weeks – and so we splashed out on hiring a car and for three-days visited the sights and sounds of the north-east corner of the island. The weekend is worth breaking into a series of stories – so many new memories do we have. I’ll start with our non-youth Hostel. [Read more…]

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry


Richard’s parents are here (our first visitors – so exciting) and at the weekend we took a wonderful long trip around the Samana Peninsula to explore more of the island. We hired a car for the first time and had some wonderful adventures, more on which we will post shortly.

We did, however, have one less than wonderful experience which merits an entry for its absurdity alone. One of the reasons for maintaining the blog is to show how differently people live and think in the Dominican Republic from our own set of values and norms. Here is a great example. [Read more…]

Dia de la Independencia


Today – 27th February – has been Independence Day here in the DR.  It marks the day when in 1844 the independence of the Republic was finally secured with the peaceful capitulation of the Haitian occupiers after a popular uprising.

The students at the colegio have been practising hard for weeks for there part in the Carnaval (Al wishes they would put a hundredth as much endeavour into their studies).   As I write the music is blaring out from downtown (about a mile away, so easily heard!) [Read more…]