Our Holiday by Ben

On Boxing Day we went to a peaceful town called Caberete. Our villa was called one 110 Calle Bahia (Bay Road). Cabarete was clean and peaceful and people spoke American, French, Spanish, Dutch and German. The beach was clean, relaxing and calm.

The Villa

Our villa had a shiny blue pool, two clean bathrooms, three cool bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a terrace where we ate our delicious food. They had been newly painted. At 11:00 we got there and a man showed us round. In the kitchen we had an oven, a sink with water pressure, a microwave, a fridge, a freezer and a stove. The first thing we did was jump in the pool! SPLASH!

The Beach

Cabarete Beach by Ben (Click for larger image)

The beach was spotless. I had the time of my life wave jumping, body boarding and making enormous sandcastles decorated with shells.

On New Year’s Eve we went to a beach café where we had fish fingers and chips in boats and laid in hammocks. We couldn’t get Daddy out of his hammock when it was time to go home, he was asleep.



Ocean World

Ocean World by Ben (Click for larger image)

On the fourth of January we went to a place called Ocean World where we saw cute dolphins, clever seals, big sea-lions, smart parrots, dangerous sharks, stripy tigers, sizeable fishes, friendly toucans and tiny love birds. We could hold the colourful toucans, feed the friendly love birds and swim with dolphins, sharks, sting rays, tigers and fish. We went snorkelling with tropical fish. We saw a parrot show, a dolphin show and a seal show. We also got to hold a toucan and feed love birds.

A Toucan by Ben (Click for larger image)






I’ve got some final words to say: I was clinging on to the door of the villa when it was time to go back to Nagua because I had such an excellent time.


  1. Ted & Liz says:

    You seem to have had a great time Ben, swiming with sharks & sting rays sounds rather dangerous !!!!
    I like your pictures are you going to become an artist? Stick in with this because if you are good you can travel the world painting pictures.
    You will be looking forward to your next visit to Cabarete.
    Have a good term at school.
    Love Ted & Liz xx

  2. Anna says:

    Fabulous drawings Ben. Love the colour on the toucan and the perspective on the sand castles. Brilliant.

  3. Catherine says:

    Great description Ben. I am thinking that you might be working on adjectives at the moment! Charlie says ‘Hi!’ and is hoping that when you come back, you might come and join his football team. He is playing at Littledown now in a new team called Sports. But in September, his dad is hoping to start an under 9s team at Brockenhurst Youth FC where Alex plays. And he is looking for good players! Last week, David, Charlie’s dad, organised a big kick around for Alex’s team plus anyone else who wanted to join in at Lilttledown. Gil and Dylan came, so did Billy and they had a good time. Anyway keep practising your basketball and it would be great to get you involved in the footie team when your time in Nagua comes to an end. Catherine

  4. Well, Ben … what a fabulous piece of writing and artwork. I am really impressed with your drawing! You’ve described everything so well … wish I’d been there with you!
    So your new term has started then! Oscar and Isabel are back into the swing of things too, with lots of work to get on with and homework too! The school is keeping the mums and dads busy as well, as we have had to help the twins to make some dinosaurs for a “Dinosaur Museum and Exhibition” that will be happening at the end of the month. So whilst I was working yesterday, Kevin was helping Oscar and Isabel to make a Diplodocus and a T Rex out of papier maché … great fun!! I’ll try to send you a photo on an email … they are still a “work in progress”, so need to be painted yet! But they look really cool!! They really enjoyed getting their hands all gooey and mucky whilst they made them. I hope you are all well and look forward to hearing all about your next adventure!! Lots of love to all. XXXX

  5. G & G says:

    Fantastic, Ben. You’ve depicted so well the fabulous time you all had at Cabarete. Love G&G xx

  6. Mandy and the Rees boys says:

    What wonderful drawings you have done Ben – it seems you all had a great time.

    It’s turned really cold here now, and there has been frost the past 2 mornings (first all winter). Gil will be on a school trip to Dorchester tomorrow to visit the Tutankhamun museum (the theme at school at the moment is all about treasure), and he has made a copy of the Tutankhamum mask at home – he just needs to finish painting it. Also, swimming has started at school now, but I think it will be a lot warmer for you when you go swimming!

    Keep showing us all your lovely pictures and stories of your time in Dominica Republic.

  7. My goodness what a budding young artist we have here! Really love all the colours and details in your drawings Ben. Sounds like you have a wonderful time at Cabarete. Its very cold here at the moment so definately wishing I was with you enjoying the warm sunshine.

    Much love
    Caroline & Andy

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