My Holiday (by Matt)

Cabarete Beach by Matthew (Click for larger image)

On Monday 26th December my family went to a villa in Cabarete. Our house was number one 110. It took us 1.5 hours to get there and cost about 1,000 pounds to rent out for two weeks.  When we got there we found out that it had a TV and a swimming pool. At about 11:59 they managed to drag us away from the TV to explore our new neighbourhood. When we finally reached the beach we discovered how clean it was (not like silly old Nagua beach!!) and when we went in the sea it was nice and warm and very clean.

Ocean World

A Toucan by Matthew (click for larger image)

On our 10th day in our villa we went to a place called Ocean World. It cost us £150 to go in. When we went in we found a tank of fish which we later found out was called the “Snorkel Reef” and me and Ben and Mum went snorkelling in there. Then when we were dry we went to see the love birds. It was fun to have some seeds in your hair and have love birds pecking them. If you wanted to you could hold up your arm like a branch and have a love bird sitting on it. Next we went to see the parrots and toucans. We couldn’t hold the parrots but we could have a kiss from them! The toucans were brightly coloured and friendly.

Then we saw the dolphins. There were bottle nose dolphins and there were about 10 of them. They were very friendly and very well trained. Once we saw a dolphin go under water and suck up water in his mouth and spray it out at people or go round the pool sticking their tongues out at people or push people out of the water with their noses and fly through hoops.

Then we went to see the seals. They were “fang-tastic” because they were being naughty! When the trainers wanted them to do a trick they wouldn’t jump in so the trainers had to pull them and the trainers all ended up in the water. Then the seals pushed them to shore.

Now for the sharks. There were 5 nurse sharks and people tried to scare the divers into thinking that the sharks were going to eat them.

We also saw sting rays, tigers, giant lizards and piranhas.

Me and Ben and Mum went on a giant slide and trampoline in the sea in the rain.

The Last Day

On the last day of our holiday we went to the beach and made a huge sandcastle.  It had a wide door made of shells and pebbles and a deep moat.  It had thirteen sand castles on the top and palm tree sticks for flags.  Then it was time to go home and we were all sad.

And that’s the end of our holiday in Cabarete.


  1. Wow, Matt … so much information and so beautifully written! Sounds like you had so much fun in Cabarete … snorkelling, making that fantastic sand castle … did mummy or daddy take a photograph of it? And all these wonderful birds you are getting to know so well, what with kisses from the parrots, love birds pecking your head, what fun!! I bet the dolphins were great fun and the seals too. Oscar and Isabel have seen dolphins do some great tricks at a park in Tenerife and in San Diego too which is in America. Maybe you could all exchange your favourite bits about how very special these animas are! Sharks are a bit scary, aren’t they, and those piranhas too … hope you didn’t put your hand anywhere near them!! I love the pictures, they are so colourful, really fantastic … well done!!! Please tell Katie too that her colouring is great and all the pictures are really beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your new life. It sounds really GREAT and I know that Osar and Isabel will be very interested to read all about your adventure. I will be showing them all your news very soon. Perhaps you could all, one day, say a few words to each other in Spanish? That would be really great, wouldn’t it!?! Lots of love to you all, from all of us, and make sure you look after mummy and daddy, okay?? XX

  2. What fun you had Matt, thanks for sharing. Ocean World sounds wonderful! Dolphins are my favourite animal (besides our dogs of course), they are so friendly and intelligent. I’m glad you experienced snorkelling, it can allow you to see so many beautiful things under the sea which otherwise you would not know were there. I hope you are all rested and ready for school. You have lots of exciting stories to tell all your friends about. Much love.

    Caroline & Andy x

  3. Nana says:

    Your time spent in Cabarete sounds fantastic and i can understand your reluctance at having to return to Nagua but what amazing adventures you are all experiencing.You are such very lucky children having a lovely mummy and daddy taking you places that other children can only dream about. No matter where you go in the future this is one tripthat will will stay with you forever and imagine all the stories you have to tell your friends. they will be green with envy! You and Ben are lovely little artists so keep those pictures coming because everybody wants to see them. Love you darling and hope you receive this Nanaxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Ted & Liz says:

    More good pictures plus a very good description of your holiday, you too could become an artist.
    Just think not Hockney but the Britton Twins !!!!!!

  5. Mandy and the Rees boys says:

    Is Matthew the accountant in the family? Another great story and lovely pictures.

  6. Benjamin Sparrowe says:

    Hi Matt its great to hear about your adventures on your holiday.
    A few days ago we went to corfe castle (it was my idea) we got to dress up as medievail knights and put our heads in the stocks!
    We had to find shields which had writing on, to tell us about the castle. With the answers we had to unlock a code and the code was actually, CASTLE.

    We looked out of the very tall towers and Ollie and I went into the dungeon we could see through the top because most of the bricks had fallen down, it was quite cramped.

    We saw what it would have been like to be an archer and shoot arrows through the cracks in the castle walls.
    AT the end of the day we put some teddies onto a zip wire which started at the top of the castle they smacked into a cushion at the end and Ollie said he wanted to have a go.

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