School Differences

Hi Matt & Ben here,

We have been doing a project on the main differences between a school in the Dominican Republic and a school in England.

(Las differencias principales entre un colegio en la Repulica Dominicana y una escuela en Inglaterra)

We wrote a list of them:

1. Desks Tables and Chairs
2. Shutters Windows
3. Ceiling Fans Radiators
4. Socket Lights Strip lights
5. Timetable on paper Timetable on whiteboard
6. Caféteria (Sells Sweets, Fizzy drinks) School snacks (water & fruit)
7. Assembly outside Assembly in the hall
8. Morning’s only! (School finishes at 12.20) All day (School finishes at 3.15)
9. Lessons in Spanish! Lessons in English!
10. Provide own notebooks, pencils, textbooks School provides equipment
11. Parents must pay Free
12. Playground full of rubble (dangerous) Very safe playgrounds
13. PE in school uniform PE kit
14. Sometimes there is no teacher Always have a teacher
15. Mango trees in playground No mango trees
16. Often no electricity or water Always power and water
17. No computers PCs and smartboards
18. Spanish ,English, Maths, Science, RE Lots more subjects to study: art,music,history, phse
19. No parents evening, school reports, concerts Parents much more involved in school
20. Ages 3 to 18 at the same school! Different schools for infant, junior and secondary

We took some photos:

This is Ben playing Baloncesto (Basketball) in the playground.The white building at the back is our classroom.
  This is a photo of my classmates and my teacher Sra. Francisca.
   This is the blackboard in our classroom.
   Here is some chalk.  We do not have any whiteboards or any whiteboard pens.
   This is a school chair.  We don’t have desks!
   This is Assembly.  We have it every day at 7:45am.  We sing the national song(Quisqueyanos Valientes) as the flag is raised.  Click here to listen to this song.  (Note from Dad: Opens a new browser window)
   This is when the flag is raised (el bandera).

Here are some more photos.  Click one one for a bigger version.

Thanks for reading – we’d love to hear your comments.


  1. Ted & Liz says:

    Hi Ben & Matthew,
    Lots of lovely photos and a very good chart showing the difference between the two countries, well done.
    Your Spanish is coming on well, keep it up.
    Hope your Nana & Papa manage to open this themselves, if not I will check they do.
    Keep up the good work and help Mum & Dad.
    Love Liz &

  2. caroline britton says:

    Hi Ben & Matt,

    This is very well presented and very interesting. We love hearing about your adventures!!! Such a wonderful opportunity and experience for you and your family. We are following your adventures with great interest so keep up the good work and we look forward from hearing from you again soon.

    Much love
    Caroline, Andrew, Millie & Lewis xx

  3. Katie and Lian says:

    Hi this is Katie and Lian . You are very lucky to have sweets at school.bye

    • Richard says:

      Hola Katie y Lian

      Yes we’re very lucky to have sweets. We are not allowed to have them very often but on Wednesdays & Fridays we have an ice-lolly. Today they were bright blue!!

      Matt y Ben

      • Lian says:

        Cool!We sometimes have ice-cream for pudding with our school lunch.We only sometimes have it.
        When do you start school?What colour lolly do you have?reply


  4. Tom,Oscar says:


    Your very lucky to have sweets and fizzy drinks and only have to school in the morning.

    Thanks best wishies


  5. Alex&Ollie says:

    Hi Ben and Matt,
    Here’s some facts about our school in Emsworth:
    1.Our school uniform is blue.
    2.Our school badge is an anchor.
    3.In yr4(our class)the religous symble is the seafarer’s cross.
    4.Our topic is imaginary worlds.

  6. Isabella says:

    Hi ,my name is isabella and i think you are very lucky to have sweets as your snacks. Isabella

    • Richard says:

      Hola Isabella.

      We are not allowed to have sweets very often but on Wednesdays & Fridays we have an ice-lolly. Today mine was bright blue!!



  7. Beth says:

    I’m so impressed why didnt you go with my suggestion of beaches though?? No It’s much better and it’s good to learn, I bet sometimes its even fun too? MY secondary school teachers would be very impressed of this! WELL DONE!! I love reading your pages because i miss you so much but as long as your having a fab time then i think i will be fine! Lucky i had te day off today or i wouldnt have time to read this!
    Look forward to hearing about more (beaches!!!) JOKE!!
    Bxx :)

  8. Miss I says:

    Hi Ben and Matt

    What a fantastic report on the differences between schools in the Dominican and the UK. It must have taken a lot of getting used too! They are very different. Every day this week, different groups of children in my class in Emsworth will be looking at and commenting on your report. I hope you enjoy reading their messages.
    You can look at their work on our blog

    Miss I

  9. Hi lewis and james here.
    We did not know you had those sort of boards in your classroom.We have white boards in our class.
    We are from st.james school in emsworth.What sort of traditions do you have?

    • Richard says:

      Hola Lewis y James

      What a great question. We raise the flag every day and sing the national song (we like singing the song and sing it all the time)

      The first line of the song is Quisqueyanos valientes, alcemos. Nuestro canto con viva emoción (Brave men of Quisqueya. Let us sing with strong feeling)

      Ben y Matt

  10. william says:

    You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish that our schools were like yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you re having a good time over there.Be safe!!!!

  11. ollie says:

    wow you are very lucky when you go to your cafeteria because I love sweats and fizzy drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Ollie;~) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Richard says:

      Hola Ollie

      Yes we’re very lucky to have sweets. We are not allowed to have them very often but on Wednesdays & Fridays we have an ice-lolly. Today they were bright blue!!

      Ben y Matt

  12. Frances says:

    Hello Matt and Ben,
    Wow, I never knew how different your schools are to ours. Do you really have asembly out side and no electricty? I’m really lucky.

    • Al says:

      Hola Frances
      Yes we have assembly outside everyday unless it rains and then there is nothing. It rains almost every morning now because it is rainy season. It’s not like English rain, it is like standing under buckets of water being poured on your head. The classrooms leak and don;t have doors so the rain comes in and your feet get wet. Today there was no electricity because of the rain.
      We like your questions
      Matt & Ben

  13. conall says:

    Wow,your schools are allot different to ours but your lucky to have such a great school.
    You get really nice food!!!!
    I now know quite a few differences between our school and yours now.

    Talk to you soon!
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    from conall IN Emsworth

  14. rachel says:

    Do you like waering your school uniform in P.E?:>
    from Rachel!

    Have a nice day!!!!!!

    • Al says:

      Not really because we get very hot. Sometimes we don’t run around and just sit under a tree and play chess. We like chess but sometimes some of the pieces are missing and it’s hard to play properly. I like Balancesto (basketball) but sometimes the ball has a hole in it so it doesn’t bounce.
      Good question Rachel.
      From Ben

  15. Molly says:

    Hi there, did you now that your very lucky because you get to sit out side for assembly we have to sit in a stuffy hall I love the fresh air, any way we will talk to you again.

    bye for now!!!

    • Al says:

      Hi Molly
      It is nice to have assembly outside in the fresh air but if the sun is shining it is very very hot and sometimes the assemblies are very long and we don;t understand what the teacher is saying.
      We liked your comment.
      Matt & Ben

  16. Charlie and Neal says:

    Hi Ben and Matt
    How did you look close up to that lizzard.

    • Al says:

      Hi Charlie and Neil
      We see those lizards everywhere. We can get really close. Our brother Zach picks them up sometimes.
      From Ben & Matt

  17. Tom says:

    Wow so many school diferences my favorite was you have desks instead of tables and chairs.
    How hot is it there? It is rainy and cold here.
    Are you looking forward to Christmas?

    • Al says:

      Hi Tom
      The desks are OK but not as good as tables because they are very small and you can;t do work with your friends. You always have to work on your own. It is 90 degrees every day which is very very hot. Yes we are looking forward to Christmas – no school for 2 weeks!
      Matt & Ben

  18. Anna says:

    What a fab chart boys! Do you think Mango trees would be a good addition to the Stourfield playground?!

  19. Oscar+Tom.R says:

    That’s funny, you go to school from 3-18 in the same school!!!!!!


    • Al says:

      Hi Tom & Oscar
      We stay at the same school and if you fail your exams at the end of the year you can’t move up with all your friends you have to do the year all over again.
      From Matt & Ben

  20. lewis and ben r says:

    What kind of food do you eat.We saw your song its awesome!

  21. james says:

    Nice song its different.

  22. william says:

    Hola Ben & Matt,
    do you like school in the dominican rep(republic)?

  23. Frances says:

    Hi Matt + Ben,

    Thanks for your amazing awnsers.

  24. Francesca and Aine says:

    That is so cool you only have school in the morning we stay at school all day!

  25. Izaak says:

    I am relly lucky because my mom gives me sweet.

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