Differences of the Dominican Republic

Hi, Matt and Ben here

This week we have been thinking  about some of the differences between the Dominican Republic and England.

We drew a poster about them.














We wrote  a list:

  • The weather is hotter.
  • There are big thunderstorms
  • There are lots of coconut trees
  • There is lots of rubbish in the streets
  • The flag is different (and so is the flag song)
  • Many windows have no glass and are funny shapes
  • There are big gutters in the streets
  • The sea is warm
  • Many people are very poor
  • There aren’t many parks or places to run around
  • You can’t drink water from the taps
  • Lots of power cuts. Houses have big batteries to power the house when there is a powercut
  • The wildlife and plants are different
  • There are lots and lots of motorbikes
  • There are lots of different foods
  • The environment isn’t as nice as in England
We took some photos to show the differences (Dad took some too)


  1. Chloe says:

    HI Ben and Matthew,
    It looks lke you are finding out lots about the way people live in different places around the world!
    I will show this to Sam when he gets home from school, he would love to swim in the warm sea!
    Love Chloe

  2. Trafford says:

    Hi Ben and Matthew, this is Trafford. We all like your poster and we do have an idea of what the weather is like in the Dominican Republic because we have visited many tropical countries before. We do wish that we could go there as the sea looks warm to go in! What are the animals like there? Are there lots of lizards and other small animals? Is there a town centre? Are there lots of people on the pavements and cars on the roads?
    I’m sorry that we didn’t reply to your email earlier, but we have been very busy practising our short play and doing schoolwork.
    If you like Lego and it’s okay with your mum and dad, you can check out my website that’s all about Lego! http://www.TraffordsLEGOUniverse.com
    Well, we hope to hear from you soon, bye!

    • Al says:

      Hi Trafford
      Thank you for looking at our website. We see lots of lizards on the way to school and have called one lizard family Izzy, Kizzy, Dizzy and Wizzy. We even saw a snake at the beach. It was small and black with yellow stripes. We live near the town centre but it is not like Bournemouth (distinctly lacking in the Marks & Spencer and Waitrose department says Mum). All the shops are very small and dark and sell weird combinations of things – one on a corner near us sells only eggs, whisky and Carnation milk! There are lots of mobile phone shops and places to get your scooter fixed. Lots of houses are shops and cafes at the same time. Dad did a good picture story about cars – we hope you have seen it. We keep trying to visit your website but we can’t get it. Do you like shool at home? We go to school in the mornings and then do school at home in the afternoons to keep up with English lessons. Sometimes in the afternoons we go to chess club or basketball practise. Are you playing football this year at Littledown Juniors?
      We like to hearing what you are up to.
      Matt & Ben

  3. Nana says:

    Clever Children lovely pictures enjoyed looking at them on my new computer.

  4. Miss I says:

    Hi Matt and Ben

    I am a teacher from Emsworth in England and I will be introducing your blog to my class next week! I can’t wait for them to read all your wonderful work on the differences between the two countries. I am sure they will have lots of questions for you.

    Well done for a fantastic poster!

    Miss I

    • Richard says:

      Hola Miss I,

      We have written some answers to your students. Please thank them for all their great questions

      Matt y Ben

  5. Sharon and Beth says:

    A very interesting comparison boys, next you could rank the differences in order of a great deal of difference to not much difference and explain your reasoning. If you wanted to you could then group them under different heading, for example Environmental factors or indeed Histroical factors!
    Could you find out about some of the History of the Vinegan Republic for Beth and I? Perhaps you could make us a timeline?

    Hi Beth here, i think it would be better if you just swam in the sea,but that’s the difference between teacher and pupil for you!!
    ps Who is Miss I from Emsworth?

  6. ollie and izaak says:

    we are from a school in emsworth and izaak and I would like to ask you some questions

    what tipe of food do you eat over there?
    what is the population?
    how hot is it in that country?

    • Richard says:

      Hola Ollie y Izaak

      We eat lots of:
      * Rice (arroz)
      * Beans (habichuela)
      * Meat (carne) – especially chicken (pollo)
      * Fruit (frutas) – especially mango (mango), pineapple (pina), apples (manzanas), passion fruit (chinola), papaya (lechoza)
      * Cereal (cereales) – we can get Cheerios here!
      * And sometimes Ice cream (helado)

      We wrote about one meal that we cooked – it’s on our blog

      The population is about 10,000,000 people

      The weather is hot. Today it is about 29 degrees centigrade. How hot is it in Emsworth today?

      Thanks for writing to us

  7. Lewis+Ethan says:

    HI matt and ben our name is Lewis and Ethan we love your poster.Are there lots of pepole in the streets and what are the houses.

    • Richard says:

      Hola Lewis y Ethan

      Thanks for writing to us. We love drawing. There are lots of cars and motorbikes and people in the streets. The people here do not like walking very much. A.lot of the houses look very poor

      Ben & Matt

  8. Alex and Lewis says:

    Hi guys we really like your blog were from st James in Emsworth,

    What sorts of food do you eat?

    (Our blog is http://www.yr4blogging.posterous.com)

    • Richard says:

      Hola Alex y Lewis

      We eat lots of:
      * Rice (arroz). We like concon which is crunchy fried rice
      * Beans (habichuela)
      * Meat (carne) – especially chicken (pollo)
      * Cereal (cereales)
      * Fruit (frutas)
      * Bread (pan)
      * And sometimes Ice cream (helado)

      Thanks for writing to us

  9. Ollie C+Ben R+Alfie says:

    Hi we are from an Emsworth school
    this is what I look like(Ben.R.)
    quite long,blond hair,turquoise eyes and a few freckles!
    This is what Ollie C looks like:
    glasses,a load off fade freckles and short,strawberry blond hair.
    This is what Alfie looks like:
    Black short hair brown, eyes and black eyebrows.
    Here’s the link to our blog:

    • Richard says:

      Hola Ollie, Ben y Alfie

      Here’s what we look like:
      Ben B: short blonde hair, blue eyes, some freckles, fast runner, I love sport (me amo deportes)
      Matt B: short brown hair, blue eyes, skinny, I love reading, maths, electronics, chess

      Thanks for writing to us

  10. angus+max says:

    Hi im Angus is it fun out there? Well I think it is, is it?
    Our blog is http://www.yr4blogging.posterous.com

    • Richard says:

      Hola Angus y Max

      Si (yes) sometimes it’s fun but sometimes it isn’t. We play basketball (jugemos baloncesto) and swim in the sea. Last week we went to a really great beach. It was really shallow and the sea was warm. School is not as much fun as in England because we don’t speak much Spanish yet so we can’t understand our teacher very much.

      Thanks for writing. Matt y Ben

  11. Rebecca + Frances + Lian says:

    Hi,we go to a school in Emsworth.
    We hope you are enjoying living there.What different foods do you eat?
    Please comment on are blog http://yr4blogging.posterous.com/

    • Richard says:

      Hola Rebecca y Frances & Lian,

      We eat lots of:
      * Rice (arroz)
      * Beans (habichuela)
      * Meat (carne) – especially chicken (pollo)
      * Fruit (frutas) – especially mango (mango), pineapple (pina), apples (manzanas), passion fruit (chinola), papaya (lechoza)
      * Cereal (cereales) – we can get Cheerios here!
      * And sometimes Ice cream (helado)

      We wrote about one meal that we cooked – it’s on our blog here

  12. JAMES AND BEN says:

    Hi good work Ben and Matt. We are Ben and James and we never knew that it is so
    different there.

    • Richard says:

      Hola James y Ben. It is really different here. Are you having fun back in England? The weather here is caliente (hot) every day – is it hot in England today? Ben y Matt

  13. Molly+conall says:

    Hi where Conall and Molly we rearly like your blog which is why were going to keep in touch with you allot.
    we are in a school in Emsworth and would quite like to know a bit more about the carabien.

    good bye for now!!!
    from Conall+Molly :)

    • Richard says:

      Hola Conall y Molly. Here are some things about the Dominican Republic:

      * There are lots of lizards
      * Lots of the litter here is just lying in the street.
      * The sea is nice and warm.

  14. lance p and william b says:

    I know a fact about the desert lizard! Here it is: a bird of prey swoops down and tries to eat it. Then the lizard drops of its tail and the lizard
    scurries away while the bird of prey stares at the tail.The lizard is saved!!An hour later a new tail grows back but this is much shorter and rough!!!!!


    • Richard says:

      Hola Lance y William, Matthew y Benjamin aqui.

      Vemos muchas lagartijas en Republica Dominincana (WE SEE LOT’S OF LIZARDS IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)

    • Al says:

      Once we saw a snake at the beach. It was 30cm long and as fat as a sausage and black and yellow stripes. It made a fantastic “S” shape in the sand as it slithered asway from us. So cool to see a real snake. If we see more reptiles we will try to send you a picture, from Matt & Ben

  15. callum says:

    Hi Ben and Matt.I am from England. Do speak a different language?

    • Richard says:

      Hi Callum – we speak English. We are learning Spanish (espanol) which is the language that is spoken in the Dominican Republic. It is hard to learn.

  16. katie aine francesca says:

    Hi Ben and Mat We did not know how different you are compared to us.
    from Katie Aine Francesca.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Katie – we’re not that different to you – we’re just 7-year old kids but we’re living in a different country for a year

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