Scolopendra gigantea


Teacher Ben (NB. not our Ben) was dressing this morning, when to his sock drawer – and saw …. one of these: [Read more…]

Our fishing trip

Doctor fish_1

Hi Matt & Ben here,

We had a great boat ride in the Dominican republic we started off in a huge boat that cost us  DOP$4000 or about 60 pounds.  We went through a narrow channel to get to the sea, were we saw Vultures  and Egrets .  When we got to the sea, we set up our big thick fishing rods.  Then we went to see the swallow cave and some others but before we went to see the swallow cave we had to take down the fishing rods, then we went  to something that they called a swimming pool, but it wasn’t really a swimming pool because it had lots of fish in it, you could swim in it with flippers on and it was part of the warm, warm sea where we also caught 3 the second fish did a poo poo  on daddy the  last fish was the one that i caught and it was called a Blue Doctor Fish here is a photo of it.  After that we went to see a coral reef and Daddy dived in with a mask onto see some coral.  Then it was time to go home. [Read more…]

A new game (or not)


Don’t let anyone tell you that dominoes is ‘just a game’. Here it’s almost as important as religion. And after being soundly trounced last Saturday night by our hosts (and no doubt soon by these two below), we also can say that it’s a game of strategy and skill. The skill lies in working out which dominoes your opponents have. The strategy lies in blocking their moves and them not blocking yours. It’s a mind game where passions can run high. It’s certainly not just a game. [Read more…]