A Tale of Three Beaches

Nagua Beach_4

Pick up any guidebook to the Dominican Republic and it will tell you about the fabulous beaches.  Long stretches of golden white sand, warm blue sea, and coconut palms swaying in the cooling breeze.  Well, there are some beaches like that, but also some that are very, very different.

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Laguna Gri-Gri

Caleton Beach

So last weekend we stayed at a fabulous villa in Rio San Juan. It was a 3-bedroom villa and 18 people slept there – with the 6 of us in one bedroom – but that’s another story.

On the Saturday morning, Wailly had organised a boat/fishing trip for us. After an early start (7am sharp at the dockside at Laguna Gris Gris), we looked at the small lagoon and at the 30-or-so boats moored there. There were several fabulous sports fishing boats – the sort that take big fat Americans fishing for big fat Marlin. Also there was a row of dubious looking open skiffs. Not much more than large rowing boats with aged outboard motors.

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Important driving rules in the Dominican Republic


Credit: Ed Butts at http://www.hispaniola.com/dominican_republic/info/transportation_road-kill.php

I can take no credit for the words in this post regarding the (lack of) driving rules.  However I can hold them to be true, especially Motorbike rule #3 – it’s just not possible to walk on the pavements because that’s where motorbikes are parked (of course…..) [Read more…]