Some pictures near our house.

Hi, Matt & Ben here.  We have some photos that we took yesterday for our art project.  We are writing this for our I.C.T project.

This our house.







Here is an hotel.  If you come to visit us, you can stay here.







Here are some big bottles of agua







Here is a lizard.







A big hello to all our friends.  Please write to us soon.


  1. "The Greenwoods" says:

    Hi Guys
    Mandy told me about your blog and I’ve just laughed my way through your posts (espcially the airport one!!)
    What a fantastic experience you’re going to have – the school looked great fun – I think I could pick up a few tips! Nice dancing Alison!
    Billy wants Ben to know Redhill are doing well but miss him! Will keep you posted with scores.
    Heather xx

  2. mo and sue says:

    hi you four how are you all doing its been great seeing your new home and the ‘pet’ lizard! Yesterday I took ‘Timothy the Tractor’ out across the fields and tomorrow if the weather is dry I shall take Mickey Mouse and trailer out and collect some more wood ready for the cold winter days. Mo and I are going to Spain at the end of the week for a few days but it will not be as hot as where you are. We are not looking forward to winter as it will be very cold and wet and you all will be very warm which makes us ‘green eyed’ (ask Daddy what that means) Keep in touch and will write to you again on our return. Lots of love Mo and Sue

  3. adele says:

    Hey love your blog, you guys really are settling in to things and wow your mini break sounds fab I could do with one my self.
    Was looking at the lizard oh my gosh they are everywhere here to had to tell you had one on my foot today which was rather awkward as I know they harmless and they generally run from you but it was a moment of do I scream or not by time I thought about it I had frantically kicked it off.
    Sorry to hear that the storm had caused so much damage to the school and the books, I expect you will get rather a lot of that and each one will be a learning curve but the storms are amazing.
    Take care
    Adele x

  4. The Albones says:

    Hey Mat and Ben, hope your ICT and Art project went well,I love the lizard .Hope you are having a fab time ,how is Katie Zac Mummy and Daddy?Can’t wait to catch up with more of your thrilling adventures!I am loving St Pauls ( my new school) I have just finished homework – been doing it since I got home from school!!! Please reply soon!!!!!I really want to hear from you as it sounds like your having so much fun !!!! Lots of love and tropical wishes!
    Beth xxxxx p.s it’s 30 degrees in September here which is hot for us!!!!!!

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