Any Offers?

Se Vende


Only joking, we wouldn’t sell them for the world.  These four kids are fantastic.  We’ve uprooted them from their friends, cousins, uncles and grand-parents. They are going to a school where they haven’t any (real) friends, can’t understand what their teachers are saying or explain to them what they need or want. [Read more…]

Our first mini-break

Puerta Plata Be Live Resort

We had our first “Bridget Jones” style mini-break this weekend.  Rather fantastic, but of course peppered with lots of little “Dominicanisms” that we are starting to get used to and even expect (a sure sign we are settling in). [Read more…]

Some pictures near our house.

Our house

Hi, Matt & Ben here.  We have some photos that we took yesterday for our art project.  We are writing this for our I.C.T project. [Read more…]